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Hope's Transformative Power

Hope's Transformative Power

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Hope's Transformative Power, Overcome Hopelessness and Empower Your Life with Hope, Faith and Love. 

We’ve all experienced moments in our lives when we long to be set free from our burdens and cares of this world. We hope for a new day to dawn when our struggles will fade away.

I love this woman I chose for the cover of my book “Hope’s Transformative Power” because of what she means to me. She embodies the hope I felt when my life came crashing down and my marriage ended. I found myself staring at a blank book in front of me. What will I do? How will I survive? Were questions pouring through my mind, when it suddenly dawned on me, how lucky I am to get to start over! I can write that book I always dreamed of writing. And so the adventure began as I packed up my car with my computer and my clothes and moved to chase after Jesus at a place of refuge I had discovered in my pain.

This book is a compilation of the things Jesus taught me in how to hold on to hope against all hope! He so beautifully provided for me and healed my wounded heart along this journey.

I hope my testimony will help those of you who feel trapped in a life you did not want to write. May you find the peace, confidence, and hope that trusting God brings. Perhaps your story differs from mine, but the principles of hope remain the same. I pray God will lead and guide you to the new beginning He has in store for you. He indeed is a place of refuge and hope for all who are weary and need rest.

I pray you will discover the beauty of hope in Jesus Christ. God indeed is a good, good Father who sees you and knows your every need! Take His hand. He will lead you safely home!

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